mediaDISPLAYSMajor Brand Professional Grade Media Displays

DSXpress Digital Signage Network is committed to providing you with the best Professional / Commercial grade digital signage products available. We supply media display products from the finest manufacturers with a wide range of options to meet your every application. Professional / Commercial grade displays are engineered to higher standards from consumer grade displays (typical products purchased at retail outlets) and designed to function reliably 24/7 in a public environment.

Professional Grade   Consumer Grade
- Warranty for 2 to 5 years, often with on-site support   - Warranty for 90 days to 1 year; depot service; may be void if used in commercial setting
- Hidden or inaccessible buttons and menus; super-slim bezels   - External controls make it easier for users to change settings
- Use heat dissipaters, fans, automated brightness controls, technology to reduce heat   - No special built-in cooling technology
- Designed for 24/7 operation, especially for digital signage   - Designed for 4 to 8 hours daily use
- Typically works in both modes; landscape and portrait display   - May not support both landscape and portrait display
- Supports all standard PC resolutions   - May not support all PC resolutions in landscape and portrait modes
- Anti burn-in and image retention technology   - Standard technology
- VESA compliant mounting standard mounting connections   - May not be VESA compliant and require optional mounting brackets
- Most models include standard RS232 external control/ connector, PC and video loop-through connector capability. Industrial BNC locking connectors.   - Most do not offer external display control/connector, video loop through capability or multiple display configuration capability. Do not offer BNC connectors.

Display Kiosks

  Single & Double Sided Self-Standing Kiosk Media Display

Wall Mount Vertical & Horizontal Displays

Wall Mounted Media Display

Narrow Bezel LCD Video Wall

Video Wall Display


Poster Displays

Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards